St Jude Raw Milk Soft Cheese (95g)

St. Jude is a beautifully creamy cheese encased in a wrinkled rind. For the complete experience, enjoy both the rind and the cheese together. The flavours of St. Jude evolve with the seasons. In warmer months when they graze outdoors, you’ll notice the cheese has vegetal notes with a savoury twist on the marshland pastures the cows are enjoying. At Christmas and during the winter months, when the cows are staying warm indoors and on winter rations, it boasts a richer, buttery flavour. This semi-soft raw milk cheese is made in Suffolk using the warm unpasteurised milk from free-ranging Montbeliarde cows. Made with cow’s milk and animnal-based rennet. This product is only available for delivery on our Christmas delivery dates (Tue 19 Dec, Wed 20 Dec, Thu 21 Dec, Fri 22 Dec, Sat 23 Dec, Sun 24 Dec).