Unavailable – Oaked Smoked Gigha Halibut (100g)

Our Oak Smoked Gigha Halibut is smoked to order to ensure exceptional flavour. After careful selection and harvesting, the halibut is cured and rested for 24 hours. After resting, the fillets are traditionally oak smoked using chips from whiskey barrels (located from the Kilchoman Distillery, on the nearby island of Islay). The traditional process brings with it a truly unique flavour – rich, full-bodied, and the perfect partner to our delicate Scottish Halibut. Serves 2. The Marine Conversation Society currently advises against fishing for wild-caught halibut. In contrast, Gigha Halibut has been awarded the highest sustainability rating. Reared by a small, independent company on the island of Gigha in Scotland, the team pride themselves on being the only halibut farm in the country. The welfare of the fish is cared for under 24 hour surveillance by industry experts, closely replicating the natural environment of the fish, and ensuring there is no detrimental interaction with the surro