Chalkstream Trout Fillets, Pack of 2 (260g)

Our ChalkStream rainbow trout are slow grown over two years to produce lean, low-fat fish. The quality of the chalk stream water of the river Test and Itchen gives the trout a unique and clean taste. There are health benefits too with the trout being high in protein, unsaturated fat, vitamin D and vitamin B12. With its firm flesh and mild taste, trout is great when grilled, oven baked, or pan-fried. Alternatively, try replacing your salmon recipes with these versatile trout fillets. Two fillets per pack. Our English grown ChalkStream trout is reared over a period of two years in the idyllic Hampshire setting, the river Test and the river Itchen. The unique flavour and athletic flesh of the trout reflects the purity of the water in which they are reared, which closely mirrors the natural environment of the fish. ChalkStream trout source from farms which are RSPCA assured, meaning that all aspects of animal welfare (including health and stocking density) are cared for under the highest p