Turkey Thigh Fillets with Sea Salt and Black Pepper (450g)

Known, with good reason, as the tastiest part of a turkey, our premium thighs are lean and easy to cook, making them ideal for a weeknight meal. Full of protein, they can be the bulk of a creamy turkey casserole, dropped into a warm soup or shredded and paired with your favourite BBQ sauce. These thighs have already been sous vide by our Chefs, so all you need to do is heat through at home. Slowly reared by our trusted farmers, our free-range turkeys are a nutritious form of protein, sous vide for your occasion of choice. 70% of turkeys in the UK are sold as crowns, leaving a massive surplus of thighs. By enjoying turkey thighs, we can help to reduce food waste and make the most of our premium free-range turkeys. Cooking Instructions: 1. Empty the contents of the bag into a medium saucepan. 2. Warm gently until the product begins to shred, stirring occasionally and being careful not to break the thighs up too much. 3. Add any sauce you like before serving – we recommend Tubby Tom’s Sch