Free Range Duck Legs, Pack of 2 (400g)

The perfect balance of tender meat and crispy skin, our Duck Legs have a natural richness imparted by their free-range lifestyle. We recommend roasting or slow cooking for a melt in your mouth finish. Reared just south of the Somerset/Devon border, our free-range ducks are raised with care by husband and wife team, Chris and Hollie, the kids and their duck dog, Spot. The ducks are free to roam on grassy fields and mature at their natural rate with water to paddle and splash in. They are dry plucked and waxed for an exceptional finish. This allows even easier crisping of skin and rendering of fat when cooked gently. Due to the way these birds are reared, they develop a sweet and tender meat, with a gentle ochre hue in the skin from the rich diet they enjoy.