Westcombe’s Duckett’s Caerphilly (200g)

A mild, hard crumbly cheese, salty and moist with a lemony tang, a proper Caerphilly is creamy at the edges and crumbly in the middle. Famously sour, the cheese was originally sold in the Welsh market town of Caerphilly until production died out in World War 2. Fortunately for us it was revived by artisan cheesemakers so we can enjoy it today. Westcombe Dairy is a small artisan dairy in East Somerset which makes traditional cheddar and other West Country cheeses, using unpasteurised milk. We are lucky to have fantastic local dairy farmers and cheesemakers in Somerset. Our cheese range is varied and caters for everyone, whether it’s blue, smoked, or award-winning cheddar. This is a pasteurised cheese. Made with cow’s milk and animal-based rennet.