Isle of Wight Blue (180g)

The Isle of Wight Blue is a creamy naturally rinded blue cheese, made at Queenbower Dairy on the island itself. It is made by hand, ripened for 2 weeks and sold between 3 and 4 weeks of age. The flavour is mild for a blue and rich for a soft cheese, providing an essential foil for sweet chutneys and salted crackers. Treat it like a Gorgonzola or especially gooey Roquefort. As it matures, the rind blooms with green, blue, grey and white moulds to make it stand out on any cheeseboard. When the Isle of Wight Cheese Co started making their trademark soft blue cheese 17 years ago, there were 50 dairies on the Isle. Now there are just 6, and the Isle of Wight Cheese Co support Crockers Farm, one of the last remaining family run enterprises. While milk production for export to the mainland is dropping, it is the producers on the Isle providing the essential ballast to these dairies through this turbulent period. We have introduced our ‘Guest Cheese’ so you can try new and tasty pieces from ar