Beef, Pork & Chilli Meatballs (320g)

We have combined Simon’s free-range pork with our West Country PGI beef and chillies from the South Devon Chilli Farm to create these warm, spicy, meatballs that encapsulate the best of the West. As good an addition to a spicy pasta bake as they are a decadent marinara sandwich, these meatballs are a great option for both midweek and weekend meals. The majority of our free-range pork is reared by Simon Price in Sidbury, Devon. Allowing the pigs to grow slowly in a natural environment not only protects the welfare of our pigs, it also means exceptional tasting pork. All of our pork is hand-butchered to order and delivered fresh to your door. Our meatballs are made with gluten-free ingredients.