Lynher Dairies Cornish Yarg (270g)

Delicately finished in a nettle wrapping foraged from Cornish hedgerows, this semi-hard cheese is made with grass rich milk from free-ranging Ayrshire cows. Once the full maturing process has taken place, the nettled Yarg has a delicate creaminess mixed with a hint of mushroom under its rind, with an irresistible crumble in the core. Pairing best with biscuits and crackers, this cheese speaks for itself. We look to champion suppliers in the South West, Lynher Dairies are best in show at what they do, slowly rearing the free-range cows on Bodmin Moor. A healthy soil, rich in nutrients grows the very best grass, making it tasty for the cows leading to high-quality, flavour-filled cheese. This pasteurised cheese is suitable for vegetarians.