Mutton Chops, Pack of 2 (240g)

Our mutton chops have a great depth of flavour and come bone-in with plenty of juicy meat. Mutton has a bolder, more ‘meaty’ flavour than lamb, and it also happens to be lower in fat too! Treat these like lamb chops, they are best suited to being grilled or baked in the oven. Be adventurous with your marinades, why not try rubbing these in yoghurt and spices overnight before cooking? We source our lamb and mutton from a selection of Somerset farms, depending on availability and quality. Tom Eames is our main lamb farmer and maintains excellent husbandry standards which ensure strong, healthy livestock. All of our lamb matches our sourcing criteria of being grass and forage fed, and reared in high-welfare conditions. Clare, Tom’s wife, is a livestock vet so she’s in the perfect position to keep a good eye on things.