Turkish Butterflied Lamb Leg (1.2kg)

Our expert butchers have removed all bones from this joint. Doing so allows the meat to lie flat, which helps to ensure even cooking and makes the carving easier too. If that wasn’t good enough, we’ve prepared this lamb leg with an authentic Turkish style marinade, courtesy of Elizabeth and Yüksel at The Kebab Club. The marinade balances sweet red peppers with punchy chilli and garlic, and smoky undertones of paprika. Try it with bulghur salad and sautéed seasonal greens with garlic. We source our lamb and mutton from a selection of Somerset farms, depending on availability and quality. Tom Eames is our main lamb farmer and maintains excellent husbandry standards which ensure strong, healthy livestock. All of our lamb matches our sourcing criteria of being grass and forage fed, and reared in high-welfare conditions. Clare, Tom’s wife, is a livestock vet so she’s in the perfect position to keep a good eye on things. We source our Turkish Cypriot marinade from The Kebab Club – the marria