Boneless Shoulder of Lamb in Thyme & Garlic (1.6kg)

This joint has been expertly boned by our butchery team before being marinated in thyme, garlic, seasoning and a splash of olive oil, allowing the cut to become tender and the flavours to infuse. As the joint is cut from harder-working muscle, we recommend slow roasting to ensure the meat pulls apart easily. Delicious served with roast potatoes and gravy. Serves 6. We source our lamb and mutton from a selection of Somerset farms, depending on availability and quality. Tom Eames is our main lamb farmer and maintains excellent husbandry standards which ensure strong, healthy livestock. All of our lamb matches our sourcing criteria of being grass and forage fed, and reared in high-welfare conditions. Clare, Tom’s wife, is a livestock vet so she’s in the perfect position to keep a good eye on things.