Traditional Salt-Aged Rib of Beef (4kg)

Our rib of beef is the grandest of roasting joints and one of our prized flagship cuts. Cut from the forequarter, this mouth-watering beef joint is full of fantastic marbling and intense flavour. We recommend weighing the beef and calculating its cooking time at 12 minutes per 500g for rare, 15 minutes per 500g for medium-rare, and 18 minutes per 500g for medium. Make sure to rest the meat for a minimum of 20 minutes before carving it, keeping it as juicy and tender as possible. Salt aging is a more natural way to dry-age meat. To ‘salt-age’ is to dry hang the cuts in a room full of Himalayan rock salt, which draws out any moisture in the room, creating the perfect environment for maturation. Aged between 28-35 days, the meat tenderises and develops a nutty flavour (the longer the ageing, the nuttier the flavour).