Salt-Aged Rolled Sirloin (2kg)

Our rolled sirloin roast is a delicious and succulent joint which will serve as a special centrepiece for your Sunday roast. Cut from the loin, this joint is tender and a delight to carve. It’s best cooked rare to medium-rare and rested for at least 20 minutes before serving. Why not try using a rub of hot horseradish and thyme to make it that extra bit special? Salt aging is a more natural way to dry-age meat. To ‘salt-age’ is to dry hang the cuts in a room full of Himalayan rock salt, which draws out any moisture in the room, creating the perfect environment for maturation. Aged between 28-35 days, the meat tenderises and develops a nutty flavour (the longer the ageing, the nuttier the flavour).