Fruit Pig Haggis (450g)

Get set for an authentic Scottish supper with our Traditional Fruit Pig Haggis. Slow-cooked until the rich and meaty flavours melt together, our British Haggis is made with cooked lamb lungs and hearts, beef suet, oats, barley, onions, salt and spices. The texture is soft and meaty, a real hearty supper for the colder winter months (and it’s not just for Burns Night – use our Fruit Pig Haggis to stuff a roast chicken for an indulgent and satisfying flavour). We source our Haggis from The Fruit Pig Company. Founded in 2008, the team at Fruit Pig focus on rare breed butchery and high-welfare meat to produce traditional, fresh blood black puddings and cured meats. Cooking instructions 1. Preheat your oven to 150°C fan. 2. Leave the Haggis in its casing but remove the Fruit Pig label. 3. Wrap in foil and place in a spacious roasting dish. 4. Pour in boiling water to 2-3cm deep. 5. Reheat until piping hot in the middle (approximately 1 hour).