Wild Venison Mince (400g)

Our Wild Venison Mince is a sustainable and remarkably versatile option for anything that beef mince can be used for. Combine with 250g of Fruit Pig Haggis as the base of a fantastic highland chilli. Our Venison is sourced from fallow deer roaming the areas of land from north of the New Forest and the Test Valley over to Bentley Wood on the Wiltshire border. It’s hunted by our deer stalker George and his trusty dog Moss, under quota for the woodland trust. George carries out essential conservation work to protect British woodland from what is now an over populous species, that threatens the biodiversity of this delicate environment. Our butchers carefully prepare the game after a short period of hanging. Please be aware our game may contain shot. From frozen between May & September – When our stalkers stop shooting at the end of the season, they fill the larder and work on other conservation projects like hedgerow maintenance, fencing and forestry projects. We recognise that selling Br