SPRING Bone Broth – Beef Tea (500g)

This peppery Beef Tea bone broth has been crafted with +28 day dry aged shin meat and rib bones. Caramelised onions lend sweetness, while portobello mushrooms contribute an earthy richness. The final layers of red wine vinegar, tarragon and chervil rounds the broth out and elevates the overall flavour. Spring Broth began in 2017 when the founders became inspired by people choosing bone broth as a nutritional hot drink alternative which became a health and wellness ritual. Broth’s offer a range of health benefits and can be a comforting addition to your daily routine. The team at Spring share our commitment to responsible sourcing of ingredients with big flavour impact. The concentration level of their broths also ensures they generously extend multiple portions. They work directly with visionary small-scale farmers who uphold the highest welfare and environmental standards.