Lincolnshire Sausages (384g)

Allergen update: please see Ingredients under Additional Info Flavoured with herbs and spices such as sage, pepper, thyme and nutmeg, our Lincolnshire sausage is the perfect cut for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best served in a soft roll with a dollop of our premium mustard or tomato ketchup, or paired with all the trimmings of a full English breakfast, our free-range sausages are a staple for any meal of the day. The majority of our free-range pork is reared by Simon Price in Sidbury, Devon. Allowing the pigs to grow slowly in a natural environment not only protects the welfare of our pigs, but it also means exceptional tasting pork. All our pork is hand-butchered to order and delivered fresh to your door. Our sausages are made with gluten-free ingredients.