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Fussels Garlic Mayo (240g)

Mayonnaise and Garlic Sauce are wonderful things. Even better, when they’re brought together as a Garlic Mayonnaise, it’s something truly magnificent. You could eat it with a spoon. You could spread it on bread (if you’re a bread person), or you could use it as a dip for sliced vegetables, or you could use it as the base for many sandwiches. Its brilliant versatility is why it’s a welcome addition to our marvellous range of mayonnaises. Fussels are one of our favourite local artisanal suppliers, located in Frome, only 9 miles from our base in Shepton Mallet. They use eggs and cold pressed rapeseed oil, nurtured on the farm in Somerset, and the entire process os overseen by Andy himself, the owner of Fussels.