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Black Bee Spring Honey (227g)

Spring honey is our soft set variety, foraged from rapeseed, hawthorn and plum blossom in Somerset, Yorkshire and Northamptonshire. This is a creamy honey with a light, sweet flavour, perfect for spreading on your morning toast or for use in baking. Black Bee Honey is B Corp certified. Sustainability is at the core of what

Black Bee Winter Honey (227g)

Sourced from apiaries located on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire the bees mainly forage on Ivy during early winter. This gives the honey a fresh, herbal and lightly menthol flavour with a sweet, ripe finish, light in colour, but heavyweight in flavour. Ivy honey sets in the jar with a crumbly fudge-like texture, perfect for serving

Black Bee Summer Honey (227g)

This honey is a multi-floral honey sourced during the summer months from apiaries in Somerset, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire. Created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers, this honey has a light golden colour, a runny consistency and a wonderfully rich heady, floral flavour. We recommend drizzling on your breakfast, stirred into a hot

Black Bee Orchard Honey (227g)

This honey is sourced from hives nestled within British orchards during the Spring from Powys in Wales and the Garden of England – Kent. The bees collect nectar and pollen from pear and apple trees to create this delightful runny honey which has a mildly fruity flavour and a light, golden colour. Try this drizzled

Dr Sting’s Hot Honey (180ml)

Experience the authentic heat of organic chillies without the interference of artificial additives. You won’t find any chilli extracts, added sugar, stabilisers or thickeners here. Every bottle of Dr Stings hot honey has been small batch brewed and is a blend of entirely natural ingredients. Small batch brewing ensures the integrity of the ingredients remain