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Simple Dinners – Shredded Beef Brisket (350g)

The richness of flavours and the convenience of sous vide cooking redefines a simple weeknight dinner. Our readily prepared sous vide Shredded Beef Brisket has been meticulously cooked by our Somerset chefs, and thanks to their minimalistic seasoning, can be used in a wide range of recipes. Beautifully tender, use the brisket to create a

Simple Dinners – Pulled Venison Shoulder (350g)

Sous vide is a cooking method that involves sealing food in an airtight bag and cooking it in a water bath at a precisely controlled temperature. This level of control ensures that the food is cooked evenly and perfectly every time, giving consistently delicious results. Our sous vide Pulled Venison Shoulder makes quality cooking effortless

Maple Streaky Bacon (240g)

Use our maple streaky bacon to add a sweet hit to a salad, a gourmet touch to your favourite sandwich, or crisp up and serve on top of pancakes with an extra drizzle of syrup for a sweet and savoury breakfast treat. Our bacon is made with 100% British pork from free-range pigs. Eight rashers

Whole Woodpigeon (200g)

Wood Pigeon has a dark, flavourful meat with a strong gamey taste, making it a favourite among people who love the bold and earthy flavours of game meats. This meat works great when braised in a woodpigeon pie, or if you fancy something a little different try out our Wild Wood Pigeon and Red Pepper

Whole Partridge (250g)

Partridge meat is known for its distinct sweetness, setting it apart from other game meat. It pairs well with citrusy fruits like clementine, forest fruits, earthy sage, and the pine like fragrance of rosemary. According to the Game Season Calendar, the prime time to enjoy in season partridge is from September 1st – 1st February.

Cherry Bomb Pork Belly Chops (400g)

Our Cherry Bomb Belly Pork combines the rich taste of our free-range pork with the sweet and smoky Tubby Tom’s Cherry Rub, which uses natural cherry to give an authentic sweetness. Great flavour starts with the bone. That’s why we’ve left it in and taken care to remove the rind to focus on what really

Whole Chicken with Giblets (2kg min)

Buying a Whole Chicken raised to our high free-range standards means that you find the benefit in the flavour and nourishment of the chicken, while making the most of a great and cost-effective way to feed the whole family – roast a chicken and see how many meals you can make from the leftovers. Remember

Mixed Game, Diced (400g)

Our mixed diced game pack contains a selection of our finest free-range game. Depending on the season, our packs typically contain diced venison, pheasant, rabbit and woodpigeon. Rich in flavour, this is best slow-cooked for use in stews, casseroles and pies. We like to cook it on a slow heat with a good glug of

Free Range Bronze Frenchbeer Turkey (7-8kg)

Well-known for a rich flavour and tender, moist meat, our Bronze Turkeys are reared slowly on a whole food diet by John Malseed on his family’s farm in Devon. Free to roam, foraging as they please and housed safely overnight in small groups, the care and attention put into rearing the birds results in a

Sous Vide Sage & Caramelised Onion Easy Carve Turkey Breast (2.5kg)

Our Sous Vide Turkey Breast couldn’t be easier to prepare. Slow-cooked by our Somerset Chefs and seasoned with sage and caramelised onion. Exceptionally moist and full-flavoured, simply serve with all your favourite trimmings. Christmas can be a busy time, with lots of cooking and preparations. Our sous range is designed to make your life easier.

Whole Turkey Box

Turkey Crown Box

Turkey Breast Box

Simple Dinners – Pork Belly Pieces (350g)

Our sous vide Pork Belly Pieces have been slow cooked and seasoned in salt and pepper. Each piece undergoes a slow and controlled cooking process to ensure it’s perfectly cooked, resulting in melt-in-your-mouth goodness every time. Our premium-quality pork works beautifully as a pork carnitas’ burrito, in a sweet and sour pork stir fry, or

Diced White Fish Mix (340g)

Weather permitting, all of our fish is landed from Brixham day boats. We make sure that all of our fish is ranked 1-3 by the Marine Stewardship Council and we regularly review this. The catch methods we use include hook & line, gill netting and otter trawling. We prioritise these methods for the welfare of

Garlic & Herb Chicken Fillet Burgers, Pack of 4 (500g)

Prepared just as you would at home, we’ve coated free-range chicken breasts with garlic and herb rub, parsley, chives and onion, with a hint of turmeric for a beautiful golden finish. This chicken breast can be griddled and served on top of salad, or dip and dunk in egg yolk, flour and breadcrumbs, then pan

Turkish Butterflied Drumsticks (400g)

Left on the bone but with the meat butterflied so it cooks more evenly, these Turkish Drumsticks are a firm favourite in a Field & Flower BBQ spread. The authentic Turkish style marinade is courtesy of Elizabeth and Yüksel at The Kebab Club, balancing sweet red peppers with punchy chilli and garlic, and smoky undertones

Turkish Chicken Legs (450g)

We love a juicy chicken leg on the BBQ. With a higher fat content than chicken breast, the meat is much less likely to dry out and the skin will char and crisp to perfection. Here we’ve paired them with an authentic Turkish style marinade courtesy of Elizabeth and Yüksel at The Kebab Club. The

Honey Mustard Chicken Mini Fillets (300g)

Marinated with our homemade blend of honey, mustard, garlic, and a dash of vibrant turmeric, these free-range mini fillets are a grilling staple. We love to cook them until just starting to char, bringing a smoky depth of flavour to this sweet and peppery marinade, then serve over salad leaves or layer into ciabatta rolls

Turkish Spatchcock Chicken (900g)

Spatchcock chicken has the backbone removed so the bird can lie flat on the grill. The benefits to this are numerous. Your chicken will cook quicker, more evenly, and it tends to mean crispier skin too. Here we’ve paired it with an authentic Turkish style marinade courtesy of Elizabeth and Yüksel at The Kebab Club.