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Blackwood’s Graceburn with Chipotle & Lemon (250g)

Mixing zingy lemon with spicy chipotle, our rich and creamy Graceburn Cheese has been produced by Blackwoods Dairy, a small artisan dairy in Kent. Similar to feta, Graceburn is marinated in cold-pressed British rapeseed oil with chipotle and lemon zest, bringing a tang that is perfect for salads in the warmer months. We recommend using

Laverstoke Park Farm Buffaloumi (200g)

Our buffalo milk grilling cheese is an essential for summer BBQs. The buffalo milk gives an extra rich flavour and deliciously soft texture when fried, making it one of our favourites in the warmer months. Made on Laverstoke Park Farm, this is the first Halloumi style cheese in the UK to be produced using buffalo

Laverstoke Park Farm Mozzarella (130g)

One of the first in the UK to produce buffalo mozzarella, Laverstoke Farm ensure the highest quality of cheese, grazing their livestock on 31 different herbs, grasses and clovers. Rich and sweet, this creamy mozzarella has a deliciously soft texture that can be served with fresh salad or as a homemade pizza topping. This pasteurised

Laverstoke Park Farm Bocconcini (130g)

Whether you tear it over a summer salad, melt it on a pizza, or enjoy as part of antipasti, our Laverstoke Organic Buffalo Bocconcini is versatile and packed full of flavour. Produced in Hampshire, this creamy British mozzarella is made using buffalo milk from Laverstoke Farm. This pasteurised cheese is suitable for vegetarians.Whether you tear

Red Leicester Slices, Pack of 8 (160g)

If you’re looking for the perfect melting cheese this BBQ season, then look no further than our Red Leicester Slices. Full of flavour with both sweet and nutty notes, this traditional cheese is similar to Cheddar and includes Annatto, a natural colouring which gives this cheese its deep orange colour. This cheese is suitable for

Dorset Red Smoked Cheese (190g)

Smokey and packed with flavour, our Dorset Red Cheese is a must try. Made in the same way they craft their traditional cheddar, using milk sourced from local grazing herds and almost all made by hand, the skilled cheesemakers down on Ford Farm really know what they are doing. Finished with a deep amber colour

Guest Cheese – St Jude Raw Milk Soft Cheese (95g)

St. Jude is a beautifully creamy cheese encased in a wrinkled rind. For the complete experience, enjoy both the rind and the cheese together. The flavours of St. Jude evolve with the seasons. In warmer months when they graze outdoors, you’ll notice the cheese has vegetal notes with a savoury twist on the marshland pastures

West Country Cheeseboard (1.065kg)

Grab some of your favourite chutneys and pair them up with the best of the West, in this luxurious cheese board. Class tangy cheddar from Wookey Hole, aged in caves in Cheddar itself, soft and gooey Cornish Brie, blue vein notes from the heady, luxurious Dorset Blue Vinny, and the creamy savouriness of the classic

Autumn/Winter Cheeseboard (1.065kg)

With autumn on its way and the promise of cosy evenings ahead, we can’t wait to grab some crackers, grapes, and chutneys and dig in to the incredible selections in our latest guest cheeseboard. Class tangy cheddar from Keen’s, soft and gooey Winslade, blue vein notes from The Ethical Dairy Blue, and the mild, IPA

Holy Trinity Cheeseboard

Representing the classic three cheeses at the heart of any cheese board, we have a creamy Cornish Brie representing soft, a Simon Weaver blue for the tangy element and a traditional Wookey Hole cave aged cheddar from Somerset representing hard cheeses. Perfect for after dinner or building into a ploughman’s as the main event! See

Isle of Wight Blue (180g)

The Isle of Wight Blue is a creamy naturally rinded blue cheese, made at Queenbower Dairy on the island itself. It is made by hand, ripened for 2 weeks and sold between 3 and 4 weeks of age. The flavour is mild for a blue and rich for a soft cheese, providing an essential foil

Cornish Cheddar Truckle (200g)

This miniature truckle of Cornish Cheddar is built to stand out, delivering a slight crunch (much like you would find in other high quality aged cheddars), due to the formation of naturally occurring calcium lactate crystals. This contributes to the cheeses outstanding character and mouthfeel, and provides the perfect backdrop for the headier, gooier cheeses

Cornish Camembert (200g)

Cornish Camembert boasts a soft and velvety interior, accompanied by a gentle milky aroma. However, its true allure lies in its robust, buttery richness, delicately underscored by a subtle hint of pasture and grassland, forging the cheese’s unmistakable character. Made with cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.Cornish Camembert boasts a soft and velvety interior, accompanied by

Cornish Brie (200g)

Cornish Brie has a mild and creamy flavor, complemented by a smooth, melting texture. Its distinctive hallmark is its buttery yellow hue. Made with cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.Cornish Brie has a mild and creamy flavor, complemented by a smooth, melting texture. Its distinctive hallmark is its buttery yellow hue. Made with cow’s milk and

Lynher Dairies Cornish Yarg (270g)

Delicately finished in a nettle wrapping foraged from Cornish hedgerows, this semi-hard cheese is made with grass rich milk from free-ranging Ayrshire cows. Once the full maturing process has taken place, the nettled Yarg has a delicate creaminess mixed with a hint of mushroom under its rind, with an irresistible crumble in the core. Pairing

Nettlebed’s Highmoor (150g)

A semi-soft and pasteurised cheese with similarities to Reblochon, Highmoor is a savoury and mild flavoured cheese. The cheese melts well and has an enhanced scent when warm, making the perfect choice for a luxury white sauce, cheese on toast or other similar dishes. With its faint orange rind, this attractive cheese is also delicious

Nettlebed’s Witheridge in Hay (160g)

Boasting a complex flavour that pairs well with medium to heavy red wine, this cheese is springy in texture with grassy notes on the rind. The cheese is aged in hay to produce its distinctive taste and semi-hard texture, including fruity overtones and an underlying savoury finish. A great addition to a cheeseboard or cooked

Montgomery’s Ogle Shield (200g)

Ogleshield is a firm cheese made from Jersey cow’s milk, washed in brine to produce a pungent flavour. The taste is creamy with a lightly springy texture when squeezed – similar to a Raclette-style cheese. Enjoy as part of a cheeseboard or for adding a rich flavour to melted cheese dishes. Not suitable for freezing.

White Lake’s Pave Cobble (200g)

With its pyramid shape and natural mould rind, the Pave Cobble is an attractive cheeseboard addition. The interior of the cheese is smooth, with a fresh and clean scent that translates to a rounded and creamy flavour, reminiscent of a goats cheese. Delicious served with a spiced fruit chutney or chilli jam. This cheese is

Village Maid’s Wigmore (180g)

A full-fat and semi-soft cheese with a white rind, Wigmore has an indulgent and creamy texture that is best enjoyed when fully mature and eaten at room temperature. As the cheese ages, expect nutty flavours and a soft texture with a semi-firm centre. This cheese is unpasteurised and not suitable for those pregnant or with